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Title: 9/13/2012 7:07:31 PM
Title: good luck9/11/2010 7:57:31 PM
thank you all for the good good food i love it keep up the good work i will not change anything about it thank you agin shy shy dwayne from 79 dales apt 1426 jc-nj
Title: best restaurant in JC8/19/2012 5:25:58 PM
my first time try on this spot and their food was delicious, this going to be my chinese spot. thank you for the great food and service.
Title: Unexplainable taste8/18/2016 9:08:21 AM
Yesterday, when I had brought chicken wings with fried rice that was $34 the chicken tasted unfamiliar unlike how it is usually. I believe that it's possible that the chicken was not fried well. Or it was possibly spoiled or something. Can you check the chicken in purpose to see if the chicken is well? It won't be fair for others to pay money just because the chicken tasting bad.
Title: fresh cut watermelon7/27/2010 2:24:08 PM
i want to thank you for your fresh cut watermelon and for your curteous staff especially those who brave the elements to deliver thank you again [ 44 trenton st. ]
Title: ^_^5/24/2010 4:36:37 PM
The place is great!
Title: Very Disappointed5/14/2013 8:08:25 AM
I have been a customer since 2005 that I moved into the area, I'm a regular when it comes to ordering ..didn't have a problem with the first owners nor with the new owners but when it comes to your customer service lately it's very disappointing, I went there yesterday and ordered an egg foo young w/o vegetables and got charged an extra dollar for not wanting the vegetables which is how its ordered for yrs already and when we questioned it the lady that was in the front came out very rude to us - which even the guy that took our order found it weird that we had to be charged a dollar extra... the point is your customer service lately is very rude and obnoxious - didn't even say thank you when giving us our order or anything - keep up with the same customer service and I don't know if we want to keep being regulars at your restaurant and it's sad because the owners and some of the workers are very friendly.
Title: Great Chinese Restaurant4/15/2013 5:32:55 PM
This restaurant has great and fresh foods. The owner is a very kindly and is a very handsome young man. I love this restaurant.
Title: 3/23/2013 2:30:00 PM
This is the closest chinese spot near me and I love it! I'm very picky with chinese food but I'm so glad I found Happy Garden! The place is clean, and they have a seating area if you prefer eating there however I've only done take out and delivery. The guy at the register is really nice.They serve large portions and have really good lunch specials. I love their lo mein, fried rice, general tso's chicken and believe it or not, their chicken nuggets. The only con I can find about this place is that there is $10 minimum in order to use a credit card. I don't like carrying cash so sometimes I just let them charge a small fee if I don't meet the $10 minimum.
Title: 2013-03-11T20:27:17.832-07:00
Great Place!!!
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